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Combating Stress with the Help of the Massage Chair

Massage ChairMassage chair - Modern civilization is defined by speed and instant gratification. Everyone seems to be always in a hurry without actually going anywhere. Modern conveniences facilitate the obsession for speed – from transportation to communication, from entertainment to food, from education to career – almost every aspect of modern civilization involves shortcuts. Society is always exerting pressures on individuals to achieve better and faster. Consequently, people are subjected to many forms of psychological and physical stresses on a daily basis. These have serious consequences that can affect the health of a person. Thankfully, the massage chair was invented and introduced in the market. It is one of the conveniences that combat the stresses of everyday life.

Basic design and function

The massage chair actually has been around for more than half a century but its basic design has not radically changed over the decades. It basically has motors, rollers, and vibrators that apply the massage motion-pressure on the back of a person using it. The only major innovation added was the control microchip that allows the chair to be programmed and precisely regulated. A user can enter his or her preferences on the remote control and the chair will automatically implement the settings. The user can simply relax and enjoy while allowing the chair to do its function of relieving muscle pains, tensions, and stresses.

Health benefit

When a massage chair is operating, it is actually doing several actions on the person using it. First, the rollers are tracing predefined areas of the back, buttocks, and nape. Second, the vibrators are applying fast intermittent pressure strokes on smaller points on the back. Third, some specialized rollers are performing grip-release motions on the limbs. While doing all these, the muscles are stimulated and become relaxed, blood circulation is improved, natural pain killers and hormones are produced, and the immune system is invigorated. In this manner, the stress chemicals in the body are neutralized.

Cost and convenience

Massage is scientifically proven to provide some significant health benefits for the body but it is costly. A one hour session with a professional masseuse costs around $20 dollars. The fee is higher in some spas and massage centers. If a person would hire a professional masseuse on a regular basis, the cost could add up. For instance, if it is done on a weekly basis, the cost could reach more than a thousand dollar. This amount of money could already buy a lounger massage chair. Hence, buying it is more cost-effective. It is also more convenient because it is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Although robotic massage would never surpass the service of a professional masseuse, it is a good alternative. Some chairs are even designed to mimic the hand and finger movements of a professional masseuse, other are also capable of giving full body massage. The cost of these devices may reach thousands of dollars but considering the health benefits, long-term use, and convenience, a massage chair is still a cheaper option.

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