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Bill Operated Massage Chairs, Making Health Affordable

Bill Operated Massage ChairsBill operated massage chairs provide people the chance to enjoy the health benefits of a body massage at a price that they can afford, wherever and whenever they may be.

Bill operated vs. ordinary massage chair

Bill operated massage chairs are not radically different from their home-based counterparts. These chairs are basically the same in terms of general mechanisms and features. The big difference is the box contraption designed to accept and store bills or coins. This mechanism acts not only as storage but also as switch and timer. When money is inserted in it, the mechanism switches on the massage chair. The contraption may also contain buttons and a display that are used to adjust the settings. As the massage chair is switched-on, the timer mechanism is also switched-on. The timer determines the duration of the massage session based on the amount of money inserted.

A more affordable option

Compared to buying new massage chairs, the bill operated massage chairs are more affordable. This is especially true for ordinary wage earners who otherwise could not afford the high price tags of these luxury items. Some business buildings and offices already have publicly-accessible massage chairs. These chairs are also present in some salons, massage parlors, malls, airports, and other busy places. Office workers who are tired and stressed out can relax and enjoy the soothing massage of the massage chairs for a couple of spare change. During break time, employees can have a few minutes of relaxing massage at very affordable price.

Good alternative to the professional service of a masseuse

Some salons and barber shops are also offering bill operated massage chairs. A client can simply sit on these chairs and drop some coins or insert certain amount of bill. The client can then enjoy a massage session that is customized to his or her preferences and needs. These chairs are programmable. The settings such as the intensity, duration, locations, and style of massage can be customized. These chairs are good alternatives to the services of professional masseuses. Aside from being affordable, they are also more convenient to avail.

Although bill operated massage chairs are far from being ubiquitous, they are starting to become popular in some work places and busy areas. They might not be as excellent or even comparable to the services of a professional masseuse but they can be good alternative. These chairs are not only relaxing. They are also therapeutic. They can relieve body muscle pains, improve circulations, and stimulate the immune system. A busy office that is equipped with such gadget can expect greater productivity and lower level of stress among its employees. The relaxing and soothing massage that these gadgets can provide is now more accessible to people who do not have enough disposable income to buy a living-room massage chair or pay a masseuse.

A vending machine that went ‘healthy’

Now, with a few coins or bills, a tired employee can relax after office with a massage ‘vending machine.’ These bill operated massage chairs are particularly becoming common in business centers and in busy work places. Some are available as additional perks for office workers. Some are available for therapeutic purposes.

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