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Human Touch Massage Chair, Innovative and Multi-functional

Human Touch Massage ChairHuman Touch massage chair brand is a pioneer in many innovative concepts that are now benefiting thousands of people. Its chairs are capable of multiple functions that impressively imitate human hands.

Decades of experience and innovation

Human Touch massage chair is a trusted brand of fully automated, robotic massage chair that has been around for almost three decades. The company, Human Touch, was founded in 1979 as the first massage chair company to invest millions of dollars on developing chairs that replicate the techniques used by professional massage therapists. As a result of its investment and efforts, it has patented various designs of massage chairs and hand-held massagers that can be used for therapeutic purposes. It was also in 1979 that the company launched the Acu-Massage Table intended for medical professionals and athletes

In recognition of the company’s achievement, it was the first massage chair company that was recognized by the American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists. Its patented robotic massage chair was recommended by the association as a valid therapeutic supplement in treating back pains.

In 1985, the Human Touch massage chair company has pioneered the first robotic massage chair equipped with advanced tracking system that can trace the S-shape contour of the spine. Just two years later, the company was the first to introduce the multi-function massage chair that is controlled by a programmable computer system. The company has not stopped innovating that in the 1990’s the company became the industry standard setter when it introduced the Quad-Roller technology.

Massage techniques

Human Touch massage chair is true to its name in mimicking the different massage techniques used by a human massage therapist. All of the chairs under the Human Touch brand can be programmed to do the six basic massage techniques which are applicable in whole body massage. The different massage techniques that can be done by the chair are the following: compression, kneading, rolling, percussion, calf massage, and foot massage. All of these are made possible by the state-of-the art mechanisms and computer controls. The rollers, vibrators, and grippers are positioned on certain ways and located on specific areas corresponding to the different massage techniques.

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Here are the definitions of the six basic massage techniques incorporated in Human Touch massage chairs:

COMPRESSION is a massage technique that involves the firm pushing motion on the muscles near the spine and towards the spine itself. This technique helps in aiding proper posture and mobility.

KNEADING massage technique refers to the small circular motions of the thumbs firmly pressing on both sides of the spine. This is an excellent technique that can go deep into the muscle mass, lifting it and thereby improving blood circulation.

ROLLING is a gentle massage technique that replicates the rolling motions of the hands as they alternately press on the left and right sides of the spine. Rolling is a preparatory massage technique that relieves tension and loosens the muscles of the back for much deeper massage.

PERCUSSION massage technique involves the fist or edge of the hands rapidly tapping the muscles of the back. This technique is intended to flex the spinal joints to relieve pressure.

CALF MASSAGE technique involves gripping motions along the calf muscled from the ankles toward the knees. It is intended to improve the blood circulation of upward.

FOOT MASSAGE is a soft massage technique that squeezes the feet to relieve discomfort and promote better circulation.

Worthy investment

Human Touch massage chair products are worthy investments that can give long-term health benefit. The prices vary depending on the specific product. The costs are a bit expensive but these are justified by the luxury, aesthetics, and functions of the products.

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