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The Versatile iJoy Massage Chair

iJoy Massage ChairThe ijoy massage chair is one of the most versatile and affordable types of massage chair that is designed to provide customizable preprogrammed massage routines that mimic the rub, stroke and pat of a hand massage.

Daily stress reliever

iJoy is a trademark classified as a casual massage chair under the Human Touch brand name. As the name suggests, it is designed to provide casual massage for the neck, upper back, and lower back. It uses the patented robotic technology that mimics the massage techniques of a professional massage therapist. Hence, it is not surprising why the technology used in iJoy Massage chairs is approved and recommended by the American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists. Although it is not designed to provide full body and full therapeutic range of massage, it performs well enough to relieve the stress of everyday life.

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Aesthetics and features

The different models of iJoy massage chair are guaranteed to blend well with any living space. Each model has its unique configurations, contours, and upholsteries that blends well with any modern-designed living space. The looks and design makes the massage chair part of the furniture collection rather than an odd-standing luxury item. A buyer can choose from a wide range of designs that can suit a particular living space.

If the aesthetics of the iJoy massage chair models are meant to please the eyes, the features are meant not only to please the body but also to optimize the ergonomic function and comfort. The main functional feature that is common to all massage chairs is the programmable robotic massage system. This system has a wide range of techniques and routines that include kneading, compression, rolling, and percussion. The system can also be programmed to target specific acupressure points for optimal therapeutic benefit.

Aside from the standard massage features, the other features of the chair include child safety lock, removable softening pad, accessible recline lever, a conveniently located wired control panel, and wheels for easy mobility.

Different models

The ijoy massage chair trademark includes different patented models that are aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically satisfying. Although the different models are not radically different from each other, a buyer can choose a model that will best suit his or her needs. The different models come in four upholstery motifs, namely, the Black SofSuede, Red SofSuede, Bone SofSuede, and Cashew SofSuede. Aside from these choices, a buyer may also opt to order customized upholstery.

The ijoy massage chair trademark has three models, namely, the Human Touch iJoy-100 Robotic Massage Chair, the Human Touch iJoy-130, and the Human Touch iJoy-300. All these models are ergonomically designed to provide comfort and excellent massage sessions. Although set for the average person height of 5 feet and ten inches, the different models can be adjusted to perfectly fit the body built of a person and to optimize the therapeutic effects of the robotic massage system. More on therapeutic chair with heat and massage

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