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Massage ChairsOver the decades, the design and basic principles of massage chairs barely changed. However, microchips operates and controls the modern versions of these chairs. The user programs the settings and can thus use a massage chair even without aid.

Although most of these chairs are mechanically operated with motors, some inventors have done innovative designs. Instead of using motors, some chairs use water or airbags as actuators to ease the weary muscles and improve blood circulation. Some chairs also mimic the massage techniques used by professional masseuses and massage therapists.

The mechanics

Massage chairs have been around for more than half a century. Their operation relies on a set of motors, gears, rollers and vibrating mechanisms. Most massage chairs still use the same set of mechanisms. The main difference is the programmable feature that is made possible by microprocessors and other electronic features. The user can customize the settings of the chair, depending on his or her needs and preferences.

The remote controls the intensity, location, duration, and sequence of vibrations while the microprocessor stores and retrieves the programmed settings for future use. The chairs have become more sophisticated and precise in this manner.

The vibrators and rollers

Modern massage chairs use mechanical vibrators and rollers that are located on certain points. The rollers inside the chair can travel along a fixed track. This motion can trace the back area of the body, creating a soothing caress. The vibrations are made possible by the imbalance on the rollers. The rollers are not perfectly centered on their axles. As they rotate, they create vibrations because of the imbalance.

The microprocessor can then control the movements of the rollers along the tracks. The speed of the motors can also be controlled. Some more sophisticated chairs can be programmed to vibrate on specific pressure points and at the right timing. Some chairs have rollers that can mimic Shiatsu and gripping actions.

Cost effective

Massage chairs are luxury gadgets that can cost thousands of dollars. Some of these chairs are more expensive than a living room entertainment system. Although it is expensive and has smaller market in the U.S., it is far more convenient and cost effective than going to the massage parlor or hiring a professional masseuse on a regular basis. A massage chair might be expensive but if one computes the total expense that he would otherwise spend hiring a masseuse on a year round basis, a massage chair is more affordable.

Your life with a massage chair

You go home after a whole day of stressful work at the office. You feel tired and your muscles are aching. You have a stiff neck and your back hurts. Your feet feel like being punctured by thousands of tiny needles. You sit back in a leather-upholstered massage reclining chair. This is not like any other chair in your living room. It is your favorite chair. You pick up a remote but you are not intent on watching the television. You started pushing on the buttons. The chair gently starts vibrating, giving you a relaxing massage. At the end of the day you feel thankful that modern massage chairs were invented in your time.

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