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Portable Massage Chair and its Types

Portable Massage ChairThe portable massage chair is the ‘handy’ versions of regular, La-Z-Boy sized massage chairs. They come in two types.

Uses of a ‘handy’ massage chair

Portable massage chairs are commonly used by traveling masseuse. They may also be used in a salon, barbershop, or massage parlor. They are basically specialized chairs that are meant to sit a client or patient comfortably and position them for an hour-long massage. These chairs expose a patient’s back to the masseuse while at the same time support the head, face, arms, and legs.

Price and general features

A portable massage chair cost less than a living-room massage chair. If a living room massage chair costs thousands of dollars, a portable massage chair costs only a few hundreds of dollars or less. Aside from the size and portability, the main difference between the living room massage chair and portable chair is the sophistication of design. A portable massage chair typically does not have any motor, roller, or vibrators.

The foldable type

The foldable massage chair is the most common type of portable massage chairs. It is typically carried around by a professional masseuse who does house calls or office calls. The client can sit comfortably on the chair with the head, arms, and legs properly supported. The back is exposed to the masseuse. This type of chair can be folded and can perfectly fit inside the trunk of a car.

It is usually made of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber or aluminum. It also has foam padding and leather cover. Except for the odd shape, it is a simple chair without any motorized parts.

The inflatable type with rollers

The second type of portable massage chair is the inflatable massage chair. It can be used by ordinary people who do not have any training in massage techniques. A inflatable massage chair can be carried around in a bag when not inflated. It is more similar to a beach balloon. It can also float on water.

It is a bit expensive as compared to a foldable massage chair but it is still very affordable as compared to a furniture/living room massage chair. It is an approximation of the living room massage chair. It has vibrators and rollers.

The expensive counterparts of portable massage chairs

Mechanical, programmable, and automated massage chairs can be considered as furniture. Their leather upholstery and stylish designs make them blend well with the other furniture in a living room. Some massage chairs cannot easily be spotted as specialized types of chairs if not examined closely. They are typically massage reclinier chairs that are more similar to a lazy chair.

Massage chairs are considered as luxury items that only a few people with enough disposable income can afford. They are expensive and may cost thousands of dollars. Some massage chairs are more expensive than a complete entertainment system or computer set. However, this is not the case when it comes to portable massage chairs.

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