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Shiatsu Massage Chair Bring Home Health and Wellness

Shiatsu Massage ChairA shiatsu massage chair is no ordinary chair. It’s a simple chair, a therapeutic device and a massage chair all rolled into one. Having one is like bringing home a spa or a wellness center.

Why it’s more than a chair

A shiatsu massage chair has been tested and proven to relax the muscles, improve body circulation, and strengthen the immune system. Although a massage chair is not a perfect substitute for a trained masseuse or massage therapist, it is a more convenient and more cost-effective alternative. Imagine its available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No need to set appointments or be limited by the allocated time.

Use of a massage chair should be done with caution. There are instances that the wrong settings may cause injuries rather than relax the body.

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Massage techniques a ‘chair’ can do

A user can set the chair to shiatsu massage mode. On this mode, the chair does what a certified shiatsu masseuse would do. The shiatsu massage chair press’s rollers massage specific points on the back of a user. These are predetermined points more accurately known as acupressure points. The rollers mimic the movements and pressure strokes of the human fingers during the shiatsu massage mode.

Shiatsu massage or finger pressure is actually just one of the many techniques that a standard massage chair can do. Kneading, rolling, tapping, and gripping are among the ‘standard’ massage techniques pre-installed in the chair.

In kneading mode, the rollers of the chair move in circular pattern. Rollers move in an up and down motion on the backrest for the rolling mode. As for tapping, rollers are pushed in and out of the backrest alternately. This motion simulates the “karate chop” massage technique. In gripping mode, the chair has special devices that grip the user’s arms and legs. Gripping, actually, is the more sophisticated capability of a massage chair. Only highly-specialized shiatsu massage chair may include this feature.

Shiatsu and finger pressure

Shiatsu massage originated from Japan. The word shiatsu is derived from two Japanese words “shi” and “atsu” which mean “finger” and “pressure,” respectively. Hence, shiatsu massage can be accurately described as a type of massage that involves finger pressure.

The massage techniques are similar to the traditional Chinese acupuncture therapy. The only difference is the absence of needles in shiatsu massage. Like in acupuncture, shiatsu relies on certain specific points on the body to stimulate the nerves, muscles, and circulation. A shiatsu massage chair follows the same principle. Its roller and vibrators target specific pressure points.

Bring it home

There are two main principles of shiatsu massage. The first one is based on the traditional Chinese medicine. The second one is based on the modern anatomical and physiological knowledge. Basically, the pressing of certain pressure points on the body stimulates good circulation, triggers production of endorphins, and relaxes the muscles. There are also some studies that indicate that shiatsu massage can improve the immune system. All of these health benefits can be replicated by a shiatsu massage chair. More on chair massage

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